About Us

The enterprise HASTA MANDIRI KARYA was created in 1997 by Michel Cieslak.

His Southwest French origin, the numerous travels he did, and his sensitivity, had inspired him to lead the dynamic teamwork at the origin of this delicate interior atmosphere.

The collections proposed by the company reflect the spirit of creativity, loyalty, and endeavour of the team.

Around Mr. Cieslak and general manager Mr. Susilo, the designers, staff members and craftsmen had been the core of HASTA MANDIRI KARYA since the beginning. They gave birth to a familial venture, always developing and innovating in respect of the environment for the purity and sincerity of the lines.

The bond within the enterprise, built on not only solidarity during the natural disasters but also the team's daily life in Java Island, had elaborated efficiency and reliability to maintain the satisfaction for both customers of the first hour and new comers who are contributing to the excellence of HASTA MANDIRI KARYA by their up keeping trust.